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please look at the paper as attachement, based on the paper, please do the Powerpoint according to the paper’s information. the presentation will be in 10-15 minitues, so personally I guess you may make 10 slides at least to present in oral. you can use grahpics or charts where appropriate. Remember: the content should be concise and easy to understand, you design and elaborate the powerpoint well conform to the paper topics.

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Strategic Managerial Communications
Term Project
In the current, business communication is a key element for all the organization to accomplish the objectives of the company in an effective and appropriate manner. Along with this, effective business communication also plays a significant role to make a strong relationship with the employees, customers and stakeholders of the company. Therefore, communication is one of the important essential elements of the organizational success. For this paper I will focus on a small company of about 20 employees in China which exports footwear and garments to foreign countries. I will identify their several various communication problems in the company. The main goal is to find their communication improvement opportunities for them and developing a comprehensive managerial communication improvement plan. Apart from this, different ways to reduce such issues will also be discussed. Additionally, situation analysis (SWOT) and implementation process of the company will also be presented in order to fully achieve the objective of this project.
Background and Problem Statement
Hongsheng Fashion Company is an organization that I worked as intern in China for around 3 months after my college graduation. It is a small-sized company that is specialized in trade and production of footwear, garments and textile apparel for export. It has about 20 employees and their customers are mainly from Europe and America and other countries and regions. Their products fall into many categories such as textile fabrics garments, leather etc. They have been cooperating with some international companies, such as Esprit, Vans, Tesco, JC Penny etc. They are committed to providing superior products and services for customers to gain rich experience and reputation. During operation, the company is facing several communication issues, one of issues is the cultural differences they are faced with its clients, and they also have different…

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