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I have to create a store that sells pijamas for women in Java Neatbeas

the program in NeatBeans should be created in Java and it must have:8 classes4 arrays (bidimensional)use only JOptionPane.showInputDialog and JOptionPane.showMessageDialog to gather and show data (no GUI)it mush have a menu (something like JOptionPane.showInputDialog(“Pick your choice: “nn1. name of the person buyingn2. show pijamas availablen3. buyn4. show what you are buyingn5. delete the shoppingn6. buy […]

GUI house rentals system using scenebuilder

Here is the zip file the system package has the phase1 one and the main package has the phase 2 which I couldnt complete it so can you help me in this also i did only the main view  in the phase to and I didnt know what I should write in the controller so […]

House Rental System phase 2 GUI (JavaFX)

here in the zip file the the system package has the phase one and the main package has the phase 2 which I couldn’t do it I only did the main view of the app and the rest I need your help in it by using sceneBuilder (GUI)

Senior Project : Project Proposal

You need to select your project this week. Each student is to work individually on their project. Consider all the courses you have taken while at ECPI University as they relate to systems engineering.  Identify a project that will add value to current or new technology and demonstrate knowledge and skills gained during your ECPI […]

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