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Discussion questions

Please limit the answers to 200 words. 1. Wal-Mart is famous for requesting ever lower “price points” from its suppliers: If a supplier offers a product for $45.00, Wal-Mart will ask the supplier to consider introducing a similar product for $39.00. According to Heckscher-Ohlin Factor Theory, what consequences do such requests have? 2-he difference between […]

Project Management 3

I need assistance answering 11 math questions in Project Management, the questions are located on the attached document.  The due date is 3pm EST, there is no room to adjust the time so  prepare in advance.  Also I cannot pay more the desired price.  Broke College student living off financial aid. 

PowerPoint Project Management

I need assistance with a simple Powerpoint project that include 4  slides.  Open the PPT Slide and you will see the area to be discussed.  The information to be discussed can be found from the attached document which is the Control Plan. The only thing to do is to retrieve the correct data from the […]

PPT Presentation

I need assistance with a simple project that include 3 powerpoint slides.  Specifically,  I need assistance in interpreting the project’s status report data, and input that data onto 3 ppt slides. This information will be presented to a fictitious group  key of stakeholders at a monthly project review.  Please Input the full  discussion of what […]

Assignment A

Marks: 10 ten questions each worth one mark. You must have the correct answer and a correct explanation plus working, to gain the marks allocated to each question (you must provide two solutions, one as if you were answering the questions for the exam [but typed] and one in excel). Failure to provide both will […]

Technical assessment

Please find the description of the assignment saved as PNG file in the additional materials below (‘Assignment brief’)  I will not require any help with requires to the literature review i solely need help developing a business case from the two excel sheets attached below.

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