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discussion 7

Answer the Question: Hoggan, Simpson and Stuckey (2009) discuss transformative learning as involving multiple ways of knowing. They suggest that learning activities that engage the imagination, emotions, and movement are integral to knowing, critical self-reflection, and the reconstruction of meaning characteristic of transformative learning. What are your reactions to this claim and instructional strategy?


Think of a job you have had or a group that you belonged to that had a leader you respected. Keep in mind a leader could be anyone from the CEO of the organization, to your immediate supervisor, to a coworker, to a club president. Keep this person and this situation in mind as you […]

discussion 1

Answer 2 questions, and reply classmate comments 1. What do you find stressful on your job? Do you think companies should try to eliminate stress or instead help/teach employees to deal better with stress? 2. Work and family conflict is a vital issue in the workplace. How do you think the two are related? Which […]

Coronavirus and its impact on compensation

I thought it would be interesting to start a topic about the impact of the coronavirus on compensation and other employee issues. On Wednesday a new law was passed that grants paid leave for workers who need to take time off because of the virus. The law “gives qualified workers two weeks of paid sick […]

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