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Relationship to the human landscape

Ideas to consider as you develop a topic: Relationship of the physical feature/concept/form to local, regional, global patterns/activity/circulation/flowsRelationship to the human landscapeControls, limits, and change…Resulting impacts of that change and what may be done to adapt to or modify living conditionsThe Critical Thinking Paper (100 Points)The Critical Thinking Paper is an argumentative essay using the […]

world music research paper

You are required to write a 5-page (double-spaced, standard tabs) research paper about a musical culture NOT covered in this course.  Areas covered in this course include India, Indonesia, Japan, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, so you can choose any part of the world OTHER than these.  Some areas to consider […]

journal 13 assignment

Please answer the following. if you need the stories i will send the pictures. 1) when we first meet the grandmother in “a good man is hard to find, ” what kind of person is she? What do her various remarks reveal about her? Does she remain a static character, or does she in any […]

“Desire Under The Elms, by Eugene ONeill” written report on this play

– should be 3 pages double-spaced with a bibliography afterwards, naming any sources you used in your research. Each paper will compare and contrast a different dramatic stage work with the film it is based on.Give a brief description of the period in which the play was written and/or the playwrights life, and how it […]


During the 1700s, the English colonies along the coast of North America developed into some of the wealthiest and most populated European colonies in the Western Hemisphere.  British domination of the world trade provided the American colonies with goods from around the world and very little government oversight from England.  Following the British victory in […]

reflection letter

you have to describe the writing stratergies like workshopping, genre, research, developing arguments, plaigrism and citing and any of you own stratergies. i have already talked about the stratergies like annotated bibliographies, rhetorical analysis, thesis, use of sources, annotated bibliographies, rhetorical analysis, and double-entry journals so need to write on these, talk about the strtergies […]

Vivid Language

Write a narrative describing the setting for your own science fiction story, using vivid language to paint the picture for your readers. Include details that appeal to the five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. You can also use literary devices like metaphors and similes.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Midterm Paper: (900-1200 words max) Select at one or two works (no more than 3) that we have either viewed as part of the class or which you choose yourself (with instructor approval). You will write an essay with three distinct sections. First, the introduction (approx. 150-300 words) should situate the work in modern Japanese […]

Cause and effect essay

Cause-and-effect writing gives reasons and explanations for events, conditions, or behavior. It answers the need most of us have to understand the world around us.When planning a cause-and-effect essay, begin by listing the event or condition you want to address. Then brainstorm to generate ideas about either its causes or its effects. Do additional research […]

Plan for implementation-Company;Apple

Plan for implementation- Company Apple 1. What activities need to be performed? The value  chain is a very useful tool when you need to  figure out how different parts of the company are  likely to be affected. What are the implications  of your plan with respect to both primary activities (e.g., operations and sales/marketing/service)  and […]

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