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Complex simulation

Please create the simulation shown in the video down below. The project can be divided in the following subtasks: Creating the work cell in the virtual environmentConfiguring the controller of the SCARA manipulator for tracking two conveyorsCreating the tools from CAD filesConfiguring the conveyorsCreating robot programsCreating SmartComponentsFor building the work cell the following components required: […]

lab 23 PLC

Use I/O simulation in Logixpro to simulate the following process. There are 16 outputs that we are controlling. O:2/0 O:2/15 Program in a shift register that clocks every 3 seconds. Three seconds is the amount of time that part stays in each station. Use proximity switch to indicate if the part is present.(I:1/0) The data […]

PLC lab 22 seven segment display

Use the I/O simulation to perform the following tasks. Design a program to multiply the content of the thumbwheel (I:5) by 5 if the toggle switch (I:1/0) is on. Place the result on the seven segment display (O:6). Example If I:5.0 = 50, closing I:1/0 will display 250 on O:6.0

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