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Replies Discussion Thread: Making the Gospel Real

Please be positive when responding …. please look at replies discussion thread The student must then respond to the initial posts of at least two classmates by posting replies of at least 250 words each by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned Module: Week.  While maintaining academic rigor, please avoid being overly critical […]

strategic intelligence

the student is required to design a case study on a topic relevant to this course. The syllabus and weekly lessons offer the following list of topics that you can use to generate topic ideas. Below is the list of approved topic ideas: Overview & Structure of the National Intelligence Organizations The Intelligence Cycle History […]

Exegetical research paper

Students will be required to write an exegetical research paper on a passage listed below from a Gospel account. This paper will be 1215 pages in length (not counting the cover page). The paper will be exegetical and thereby follow a verse-by-verse reading format. The paper will need to offer an exegesis on a passage […]

Analytic Research Paper

This assignment asks you to research the life and work of Chinua Achebe, a major figure in African literature, and write a formal paper that relates his life and that of his people, the Ibo, to his most famous novel, Things Fall Apart (1958), written at the very end of the British colonial period. Write […]

NGRSK 505 Discussion Thread: Comparing Translations

In this assignment, you will present a careful comparison of three English translations of a selected passage to your classmates. This will be the same passage that you identified in the Quiz: Passage Selection. The discussion thread will be compiled within the document found in the Resources section, a formatted document, and then posted as […]

To what extent does social transition in the 1920s affect the entertainment business of Canada?

I need help with a history essay outline. My topic question is ” To what extent does social transition in the 1920s affect the entertainment business of canada?” In the outline essay there should be Historical Thinking Concept(s) used, thesis; (Answer your inquiry question here. Include a brief summary of your THREE main arguments/ideas.) (1-2 […]

Annotated Bibliography

ASSIGNMENTFind at least five (5) separate sources on a topic or issue about the ancient world that youfind important or interesting. Of these sources, at least two need to be books and twoneed to be scholarly journal articles. Do not annotate book reviews. Your written reportshould:1. State the question(s) you are answering.2. Write annotations for […]

Annotated Bibliography

The Assignment:1) Using a Library, find a scholarly article and another scholarly book on that topic.2) Include complete citation in Chicago Style of the new sources you found.3) Complete a 500-word annotation assessing one of the sources you located, making sure to identify the specific argument the author is making. My topic is: What was […]

Ireland as the first colony of the British Empire, Irish Famine as Genocide

Hide Assignment InformationTurnitinTurnitin enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.InstructionsSelect one of the following topics or another topic of your choice related to the British Empire (email instructor for approval): Ireland as the first colony of the British Empire, Irish Famine as Genocide You must have at least 7 sources for this (be VERY careful […]


write a 5-page essay that makes an argument about the centrality of liberty, race, OR violence in U.S. history before 1865. In other words, select ONE of the three themes of liberty, race, and violence. Then, examine its place in U.S. history through contextualization and close readings of your chosen primary sources. You might want […]

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