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See instructions 1. Identify 2 instances where the RN avoided misconduct. Discuss how she navigated the identified issues. 2. If you were a clinical research coordinator, identify 3 ways you would act as an advocate for the study participants? 3. How will this information make you a better advocate as a nursing professional? *Post should include […]

See instructions

For this assignment, you will examine various uses of informatics in healthcare. In this paper, you will want to describe the three types of technology that are changing the face of healthcare today. In addition to discussing the three different types of technology, also discuss how these technologies help to create a safer practice environment. […]

Meaningful use

Meaningful use is changing the requirements and needs of healthcare. Why, what, where, and how items are reported has changed the way healthcare is performed. For this discussion board, pick one item from meaningful use and describe how it has changed healthcare.Required 2 sources citation in APA 7th.


This week you will revisit the Business opportunity you chose to consider as an entrepreneurial venture in weeks 1 & 2. Begin by making any corrections or additions your instructor asked you to make in week 2. Then, you will add a new section that includes a thorough analysis of the local market you would […]

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