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Jazz in 1970s

Final Installment (50 points): Your paper as a whole, should be a study of your choice musicians life, and their relevance to, and impact on the music world. Any parallels you can make that point to connections your musicians has to social issues from their time, especially those we are still struggling with, would be […]

opera history journal 5study questions each 250words

February 10Read: Abbate-Parker, 113-116Also check out the synopses of Idomeneo and La clemenza di TitoWatch: Idomeneo, Act I (Met Opera on Demand, 1982); La clemenza di Tito, Sestos first-act aria Parto, parto, ma tu ben mio (Met Opera on Demand, 2012)Analyze: Illias aria Padre, germani, addio and Electras aria Tutte nel cor vi sento from […]

Module 1 Discussion Post

Creating a post that includes the  title, performers, and genres of two of my favorite pieces of music. Including links to streaming audio/video  examples of both pieces/songs and discuss how or when you listen to them(in the car, while exercising, when cleaning house, etc.) Write a minimum of 2 sentences for this part.. I  like […]

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