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Estonian Female Response Towards Plus Size Models

700 words for literature review are already written. Theres a need to write an introduction (why this topic is important, whats going to be discussed 600 words). The literature review (how brand image affects consumer behaviour towards plus size models, consumer perception towards plus size models 1600 words). Methodology 1500 words (qualitative questionnaire of 10 […]

Marketing Analysis

Based on your team analysis of secondary research (Assignment #1), focus group analysis  (Assignment #2A), and the survey results, describe your initial thoughts on which market  segments hold the greatest opportunity for your client. Explain, and support your reasoning with  findings from the three analyses. ONLY USE FROM THE STUFF I GIVE YOU.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please write case analysis on key issues presented in the Montreaux Chocolate USA case. The issues I came up with on my own are: (1) determining a product name that aligns with the companys image; (2) finalizing the positioning strategy for the product, (3) determining the product size and packaging; and (4) creating and executing […]

Team Merchandising Rebranding Plan

A sport team’s merchandising is a critical factor in its ongoing revenue generation, and proper licensing ensures that sports organizations are able to protect their income-generating potential through the sale of their branded products. Not only are professional and often collegiate team names, logos, and league trademarks licensed, but even athletes’ names and likenesses can […]

Social Media Marketing

Your written report should include: a) a summary of the case b) relevance to the chapter concepts being studied c) answers to key questions d) 3 suggestions/ recommendations.  *These 4 parts must be under separate (and clearly labeled) headings or paragraphs.* The written assignment should be double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font. The […]

You choose any saudi product or service (imaginary one is OK) to expand to any other country.

You choose any saudi product or service (imaginary one is OK) to expand to any other country. You are required to develop a complete international marketing plan that would ensure the success of such expansion. A template of international marketing plan is available at assigned textbook as well as country notebook guidelines

Endorsement Campaign

Sports endorsements serve as a popular and effective means of promoting products and services to a sport’s particular fan base. When striking endorsement deals, brands will often have an athlete spokesperson wear their apparel, use their products, and speak about the brand either during in-person appearances or via social media posts. Athletes who portray trustworthy […]

Sony TV case study

Sony is introducing a TV with a 65-inch Ultra HD TV wide screen that has 4 times more pixels than existing HDTVs with an advanced signal processing system. The TVs introductory price is $10,000.APA style double-spaced paper, at least 3 references to address the following questions:Who should be Sonys initial target market? What are the […]


This is secondary research on Honeywell International, Inc. and learning about the actual sensory industry.  Sharing the industry profitability, size, growth, and characteristics.  Describe the competitive landscape, who are the key competitors, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and approximate their market shares.  Please include 3-4 references citation.  Can you please use up-to-date data when […]

Public relation

Company name : Schweppes  ( campaign link  ( this time for Schweppes only 1-Task environment analysis, including those forces and organizations that thecompany interact with and affect its performance (supplier relations, buyerrelations, competitors relations, Socio-economic actors, Economic actors,Political/legal actors, Technological actors). You need to ask the followingquestions: What are the long term external forces/ […]

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