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Active shooter policies

Write a 250-350 word paper that describes the policy-making steps and analyzes the current status for active shooter policies for Public policies for juvenile justice / Health allied agencies.  For issues that are still in progress, comment on what will have to take place for the process to be resolved for. 

Assess Personnel Management Approaches in Public Administration

For this assignment, reflect on what you have learned about public administration so far and incorporate that knowledge with what you have read this week. You will use these results to prepare an elevator speech for your interview for the position of Director of Personnel Administration for Public Organization X. An elevator speech is concise, […]

Police corruption

WHAT TO DO: Write a proposal – Proposals should include a research question or topic, why this topic is important for research, policy, or practice, and a basic outline or summary discussion of the papers argument. The paper must have an argument; the paper should not be a simple summary of a topic CHOOSE A […]

Witnesses and their testimony (constitutional of defendants regarding witnesses, credibility of the witness, direct and cross examination)

You can cite cases, any other type of publication, including: Journals, Books, Internet Articles, etc. The paper must:APA format Be double-spacedInclude 1.25 inch marginsUse Times New Roman 12 point typeIt should include: A title pageAn introductionBody of paragraphs with subheadingsConclusionA reference page with 10 citations

Juvenile Justice Policy

1.You are expected to be professional and creative.2.Your policy brief should be approximately 2,000 words; this does not include references.3.Your brief must draw from a minimum of five sources, which must be cited correctly in the text and be documented correctly in the reference section. Of the total works cited, at least three should be […]

Week 8 Discussion

YOU WILL NEED TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW  IN AT LEAST 150 WORDS YOU WILL THEN NEED TO RESPOND TO TWO STUDENTS IN A FEW SENTENCES STAYING IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE ANS WHY. Terrorists Versus Freedom Fighters Respond to the following prompt in two to three well-developed paragraphs. You are a severely oppressed ethnic […]

Mock Behavioral Health Research Paper

Select a serial murder case from the following list for review:John Wayne GacyJack the RipperWayne WilliamsJeffrey DahmerHerman MudgettRichard RamirezGary RidgwayAileen WuornosEd GeinDavid BerkowitzHamilton Howard “Albert” FishTed BundyAnalyze the case to identify specific psychological characteristics and patterns that might be inferred about the individual. Document your findings in a 1,350- to 2,100-word paper that includes the […]

Explore and Critique a Needs Assessment and Managerial Strategies

In order to fully explore this important concept, we will return to our selected department or governmental agency. Develop a comprehensive paper on your departmental or entitys needs assessment and management strategies by identifying and analyzing human and non-human resources, including capital projects, technology, and facilities. Provide major justifications or rationales for capital project needs. […]

Assess Ethical Issues and Research Methods within Public Budgetary Procedures

Develop a comprehensive paper that examines the budgetary policies and procedures of your selected department or governmental entity. Be sure to include the following: Provide the micro- and macro-level trend-lines of revenue and expenditure for the last 3 fiscal years.Assess the accuracy of these figures to the best of your ability (support your assessment by […]

Application 4

**This assignment may not be resubmitted** For this exercise, I am asking you to refer to a real life case of government misconduct that affected the lives of  thousands of juveniles and their families. CASE: Kids for Cash scandal You can learn about this story by going to the links below. Go to all links: […]

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