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Any topic (writer’s choice)

In your initial discussion: The differences between federal and state courts can be simplified with an examination of the different jurisdictional limits applied to each. Geographic jurisdiction (a states boundaries) is just one of the measures used to determine the appropriate forum in a lawsuit. The subject matter of a case, whether a case is […]

Economic Systems

Debt is a central feature of contemporary capitalism. Countries are indebted, and so are individual people and their families. Give an example of how debt can affect personal lives. It can be an example from your own life or someone you know. If relevant, comment on the role of shame (described in Hannah Appel’s reading) […]

The Conference of the Birds

ASSIGNMENT: 1.  Take a section from the assigned readings and do the following in an essay:a.  Discuss the basic structure of the section. b.  Identify the allegorical players in at least one of the parables told. c.  Explain what each of the significant players in the parable represents. i.  What is the parable suggesting? ii.  […]

rehabilitation and de-radicalisation programmes practiced in Saudi Arabia

rehabilitation and de-radicalisation programmes practised in Saudi Arabia(Counter-Terrorism from Within Assessing Saudi Arabias Religious Rehabilitation and Disengagement Programme(Boucek (2008))Try to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the interventions in their specific contexts. What can be improved? What obstacles do governments face while implementing rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for former extremist offenders?

Build your own country

Imagine you were to build your own country. What would it be like? Every student will be required to write a 1,500 -2,500 word paper whereby you will (on paper) create your own country.  Your country should include at least the following components: A) What type of country will it be? Will it be a […]

Quality Factors

Evaluate factors that influence safe, quality patient-centered care. Consider:TechnologyCommunication CollaborationShared decision-makingLaws, regulations, and policies Analyze changes in technology and their effect on quality patient care. Explain the roles of communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making. Consider communication and collaboration between health care team members, between the patient and staff, and involving insurance companies. Cite a minimum […]

Culture and Cognition

COMPLETE A REFLECTION PAPER Objective Part 2: 1. Investigate the relationships between and intersections of language, culture, andcognition.2. Consider the issues involved in language learning and culture.3. Gain exposure into indigenous languages from around the world that are currentlyendangered and the implications of the disappearance of languages. Activities: Read the following articles:Imai, M., Kanero, J., […]

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Read ” Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr., taking special note to mark where the author is making a universal statement about the right to revolt. In other words, while you are reading the arguments King is making about why his movement is justified to carry out acts of civil disobedience, look […]

Culture and Cognition

Objective 1. Investigate the influence of culture on how we perceive phenomena presented to us.2. Investigate the influence of culture of how we interpret phenomena around us.3. Investigate the influence of culture of how we represent phenomena to others andourselves. Resources, let me know if needed uploaded. Video included if needed to view at end […]

Week 5 Chapter 10 Discussion Sex and Gender

Your text explains that:  Female Genital Mutilation is the traditional cutting, circumcision, and removal of most or all external genitalia of women for the end result of closing off some or part of the vagina until such time that the woman is married and cut open. Remember that it must be in APA format, you […]

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